Birdfeeder Resolution

This will be voted on at the Open meeting in October.

Due to the increase in animal activity in the area over the past few years, the Berkshire
Valley Homeowners Association Board of Directors has adopted the following rules and

  1. Feeding wildlife is prohibited at Berkshire Ridge; this includes bird feeders of any
    kind.  Feeding wildlife attracts chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons etc., who feed on
    the seeds.  They climb up decks and make their way through soffits into
    attics/crawl spaces and cause damage to the common areas of the property.  
  2. Existing bird feeders shall either be removed or emptied of all bird seed, suet,
    and other forms of bird food.
  3. Any empty bird feeder shall not be refilled with bird seed, suet or other forms or
    bird food.
  4. No new bird feeders may be erected or placed on any common element within
    the association.
  5. No seed or food for birds or wild animals or any sort shall be placed in the front
    or rear of unit, deck, porch or any other common areas.
  6. Pet food shall not be put or stored outside for any time period.
  7. All garbage/ trash shall be kept in a garbage/trash can in the garage at all times,
    except for roadside trash pickup on the designated day.
  8. Members will be responsible for insuring that their tenants, guests and invitees
    comply with this policy
  9. The effective date of this policy will be enforced beginning 11/01/2023
    Any homeowner intentionally feeding wildlife will be responsible for any and all damage
    caused as a result and fined according to the associations governing documents.

Questions, comments and observations can be sent to
Martin at