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Berkshire Ridge does NOT have a Facebook page, that is a private page created by a member of the Berkshire Ridge community.

Open a ticket in Striven with any problems.

Questions, comments and observations can be sent to the Property Manager: Martin H. Laderman

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Resolutions – The improve and clarify the original Rules and Regulations the Board over the years has passed
December 6, 1990 – Chimney Inspection1990-12-06-Resolution-ChimneyInspectionCleaning.pdf (Chimney-Dryer Vent)
July 21, 2015 Insurance Deductibles –  2015-07-21-Resolution-InsuranceDeductibles.pdf
March 16, 2016 – Parking –  2016-03-16-Resolution-Parking.pdf
September 19, 2018 – Pets –  2018-09-19-Resolution-Pets.pdf
April 11, 2022 – Parking –  2022-04-11-Resolution-Parking.pdf

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