Dryer Vent and Chimney Inspection

Please be reminded, Dryer Vent and Chimney Due October 31, 2023

Inspections/cleaning are required and must be completed per Association rules.

If the inspection cannot be completed by October 31 you must provide a reasonable inspection appointment date. One week after that date the proof of inspection must be provided. If proof of inspection is not provided then a fine may be assessed. – as per the Board of Trustees October 9, 2023.

As example, if you tell the Property Manager (Martin Laderman) that you’re scheduled for 11/17/2023 and haven’t sent in your proof by 11/24/2023, you will be assessed a fine.

Once an inspection has been completed, you can submit your receipt to the property management by using the provided envelope you received in the mail or email to residenceservices@memproperty.com

Any homeowner that does not comply by the deadline can and will incur a fine in accordance
with The Berkshire Ridge Condominium Association, Inc. Rules, and Regulations. No
exceptions will be made so please schedule your service as soon as possible.

Please call and make an appointment Today.


See under Services for DRYER VENT & AIR DUCT CLEANING

Please see the Chimney and Dryer Vent Resolution

Key points:

Cleaning of the dryer vents shall include the removal of all lint, birds, nests, vermin, and other obstructions in and around the vent/duct from the point where the vent/duct reaches a common element main line or exterior of the building through the point of entry into the Unit.

The inspection and cleaning of dryer vents must be done from both ends of the vent-from where the vent attaches to the dryer, and from where the vent/duct reaches a common element main line or the exterior of the building.

If a Unit Owner notifies the Association that he or she does not have a fireplace and/or chimney, that Unit Owner must provide the Association with physical access to the Unit to verify that there is no fireplace and/or chimney. No Unit Owner may avoid the biannual cleaning and inspection by claiming that he/she does not use his/her fireplace and/or chimney.