New Jersey adopted the 2015 International Fire Code, New Jersey Edition, which contains the sections of the code that address portable grills and cooking devices.

Failure to require compliance with the NJ Fire Code could possibly subject the association to liability in the event a tragedy occurs due to a BBQ grill or other open flame grill located too close to combustible construction in violation of the minimum distance requirements.

International Fire Code 2015: New Jersey Edition and the NJ Uniform Fire Code:
SECTION 308: OPEN FLAMES 308.1 General.
Open flame, fire and burning on all premises shall be in accordance with Sections 308.1.1 through 308.4.1 and with other applicable sections of this code. (IFC 2015, NJ Edition)
308.1.4 Open-flame cooking devices and outdoor fireplaces. Charcoal burners, other open-flame cooking devices and outdoor fireplaces shall not be operated or stored on combustible balconies or decks or within 5 feet of combustible construction. No open flame devices are permitted on any deck.