Curb your Dog!

Curb your Dog!

What does curb your dog mean?

“Kids at play. Keep poop away!”

“Keep off grass.
I don’t use your yard as a restroom, please don’t let your dog use mine as one.
No pooping or peeing.”

Don’t let you dog pee or poop on the lawn!

Why Is Dog Pee Killing Our Grass?

The problem for our lawn is not the pee itself but rather the chemical compounds that are contained in it. As the water in their pee evaporates, what’s left behind is a high concentration of nitrogen. The grass will appear brown at the center and green at the edges where the nitrogen is less concentrated, which leaves those nasty yellow marks.

A major element of our budget is landscaping.
Expect another Pet Resolution?
Expect a Berkshire Ridge Dog Fee to offset the landscaping fee?

Dog Pee Kills Grass (Click Here)

From September 19, 2018 Pet Resolution

Pet Resolution (click here)

9.) No pet may be on Association Property that habitually barks or cries or otherwise causes a nuisance.
10.) Any damage caused to the common elements by any pet will be the responsibility of the unit owner of the unit in which the pet resides. The Association will repair the damage and charge the responsible unit owner for the costs incurred in repairing the damage. If payment is not received, any amounts due and owing will be collected in the same manner provided in the Master Deed and Bylaws for the collection of delinquent assessments.
11.) All feces must be removed and properly disposed of immediately.

From Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations

12.) Unit owners or occupants shall be restricted in the keeping of pets within their respective units to small domestic birds or tropical fish plus one cat or one dog. Pets of any kind shall not be allowed to run loose within or without the condominium development, and unit owners or occupants shall, at all times, keep the pets on a leash and shall keep their respective pets off grass other than that immediately surrounding that unit owner’s patio. Owners of pets are also responsible for and required to clean up after their pet in order to properly maintain all common areas and maintain proper sanitary and esthetic conditions. If, after receipt of written notice by the Association that the owner’s or occupant’s pet is violating the provisions of this paragraph of the rules and regulations, the owner does not correct and cease such violation, the Association shall have the right to impose a fine of $50.00 on the unit owner. The $50,00 fine shall be deposited in a general maintenance account of the Association; and in the event that the $50.00 fine is not promptly paid, then the Association shall also have the right to seek appropriate legal action against the unit owner in order to obtain payment of the fine, court costs, interest, attorney’s fees and in addition thereto, may seek a civil court injunction against said unit owner to eliminate the continued violation of these rules and regulations.